Find Your Next Home In A Limo Van!


We are so pumped at eXp Realty about this new addition! Craig Schaid is always okay being a pioneer. He is okay taking on the argues task of reinventing Real Estate. As a matter of fact, we feel it necessary in order to restore some customer service back in the industry.  

The act of finding a home has evolved a great deal in the past years. Back in the day, it was customary to have a large brick and mortar office, segregated private agent offices, and a conference room where deals were written up.  The clients learned about properties available on the market, and relationships were formed. Well, that train has left the station and our clients and technology have evolved. 

These days, the buyers and sellers of real estate are highly empowered by websites who have inundated them with powerful data. Sites like Trulia, Zillow, and others have grown to Billion dollar companies and continue to prosper.  Brokers and Agents can complain all they want about inaccuracies, Zestimates, etc, but these companies are growing because they are giving the Buyers and Sellers what they want. They are analyzing what the customer loves and delivering. 

These tech sites coupled with email, texts, social media and other digital advancements result in a very impersonal experience with limited customer service and a lack of good old fashion face to face relationships. The clients' true needs and dreams of what they are looking for are seldom discovered.

At eXp, we embrace technology, social media, empowering the buyers with great info and so on. However, we are also finding ways to have a relationship with them by bringing the personal face to face back and a service based culture. This is where the Limo Van was birthed. It combines the latest in technology, provides interaction between the agent and the client, all the while exceeding their wildest expectations. The whole concept is based on one word; EXPERIENCE.

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