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Pike Road




As we’ve studied the market over the last couple years, we do see a definite upswing in the activity in the Montgomery, Pike Road, Prattville and surrounding areas. However, it hasn’t quite seen it’s peak in volume or price yet. We believe we are going to see it rise a bit more, and then gain some real momentum. We will indeed see prices go up and the number of transactions to continue to increase. The new home sales are what seem to really be going with a vengeance. Already, several of the subdivisions can’t keep up with the pace of buyers. For the resellers, the rise in prices are going to be a welcome site for them. It will also help reduce the number of foreclosures in our area with the sellers being able to sell rather than walk away and leave for the bank.

Pike Road

In regards to hot spots, for a few years, Pike Road was indeed the city experiencing an incredible pace of homes sold. Mainly, the new Pike Road School was driving the traffic. Now, the school is open and the pace has decreased. Still the hottest in the Tri-County area, but nowhere near the pace, we saw leading up to the opening of PRS. Some of the neighborhoods that have had a brisk-selling pace as of late are the following:

These subdivisions offer new homes, ranging from entry level to upper end and square footage ranging from 1600-3500(approximately).


The Montgomery Real Estate Market has some great subdivisions that are doing well. With more emphasis being put on quality schools in Montgomery, the increase of higher quality jobs and industry moving to Montgomery County, and excellent planning and building of quality homes, the selections and variety are many. In addition, the students maintain the option of being enrolled in the Magnet Schools that Montgomery offers a select number of students that maintain a higher level of school aptitude.

In addition, there is some emerging areas in Montgomery offering some mixed-use living. This brings an option of retail and living in the same area making walking to work a real possibility.

Some of the areas that are experiencing a brisk-selling pace in Montgomery are:

These Subdivisions offer a wide variety of entry-level homes to upper-end Real Estate. From small and cozy to large and spacious. 

This is only intended to be a snapshot of the area, certainly not an all-inclusive report.

If at any time, you’d like to discuss certain areas in the Tri-County area, we’d be honored to share with you details on the area. 

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