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It's been way too long since we've reported on the bustling that is currently taking place in Pike Road. The homes continue to sell, and the building is like nothing we’ve ever seen. A few of the neighborhoods seem to take a complete new look with just a couple weeks of absence. It’s a great time to be in Pike Road! 

As I am sure you are aware by now, the long awaited Pike Road School is in full swing and producing some wonderful little learners. The out of the box thinking that the Pike Road School Board has implemented goes hand and hand with some of the neighborhoods that support it.

The Waters Pike Road, AL 4 WallzWe’ve got neighborhoods like The Waters that has re-invented itself over the past 3-4 years. The energy level in this quaint little slice of heaven is something

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As a leader in Real Estate in Pike Road, AL, we wanted to keep you abreast of what is happening in and around the Pike Road neighborhoods. If you are familiar with what’s been happening lately, it comes as no surprise for me to say things are going NUTS in this bustling little community we so love. We are seeing cow pastures turn to rows of homes in a very short time!

Nobody would doubt that the number one stimulant was the opening of the Pike Road School! The Patriots are in full swing, and so is the housing market! Not only is the home count on the rise, fortunately for a suffering housing market over the past year, the home prices are on a steady incline as well.

Real Estate Market Chart by Altos Research

This is great news to the folks who are looking at selling and not being upside

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Pike Road 4 Wallz Real Estate

I have been amazed watching what is currently taking place in this little gem of a town called Pike Road. The real estate market has been brisk here for the last couple years, no doubt. However, it has exploded in front of our eyes in the past couple months. Homes are being sold at a faster rate, and for a much higher amount than in a very long time. 

Real Estate Market Chart by Altos Research

This helps to show the comparison of prices in just the previous quarter.

Pike Road Homes For Sale Inventory

The number of homes for sale in Pike Road is surprisingly not declining however, because of the New Home activity that is taking place. The New Homes in Pike Road are going up at an incredible pace! There are not spec (pre-built) homes sitting, many are being sold prior to being

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4 Wallz Real Estate, Montgomery, AL

Here at 4 Wallz Real Estate, not only are we pretty techy and geeky, but we love Real Estate! We love everything about it; Residential Real Estate, Investment Real Estate, and even New Home Development. We are always studying trends and what's stirring. You can always find out what's happening with LIVE reporting in Montgomery, Pike Road, Prattville, Millbrook, Wetumpka and anywhere else! Just email us for a report and we'd be glad to research it for you. 

The real estate market in Montgomery is on a run! The number of homes for sale in Montgomery, AL is down and the prices for homes for sale in Montgomery, AL is UP! This is great news for you Sellers out there and for our economy as a whole. 

Here's some excellent data showing what's

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Fannie Mae Freddie Mac 4 Wallz Real EstateAlthough the mortgage industry does seem to be on the rebound and getting a little more free flowing, we seem to still have some time before out of the woods. Whether it's the pesky underwriters picking up the file just days before closing, them asking for idiotic proof of this, proof of that...sometimes what seems to make absolutely no sense has just become the norm. Here locally, in Alabama, there is a loan product being offered by Alabama Housing that offers down payment assistance. However, this is in reality, a second mortgage. So, with that said, TWO UNDERWRITERS! More hoops, more proof, more headaches! In addition, they require a non refundable bond commitment fee. I have had these poor buyers that are strapped for cash already put up their fees,

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4 Wallz Real Estate Pike Road Schools

Below is a brief article written from the Town Of Pike Road on the exciting times to come;

As thousands of students in the River Region recently headed back to school, the people of Pike Road couldn't help but get excited thinking about the dream that will become a REALITY this time next year! School buses will be traveling through the Town of Pike Road picking up students for their first day at the Pike Road K8 School! What a monumental day it will be to Welcome Home these new Pike Road Patriots! We look forward to sharing pictures and information with you throughout this next year's journey! To stay up to date, be sure to follow The Town of Pike Road's social media pages!

Thanks to everyone who is working so hard to help make history by

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Pike Road Real Estate 4 Wallz

The number one question I get asked as a Real Estate professional is, “How’s the market?”. Of course, we are all trained to say, “It’s great!”. Well, instead of just the standard answer to the standard question, I thought I’d spend some time to really dive in, and give you some real numbers, real facts, a real window to, “How’s the real estate market in Pike Road?”.

In general, the standard answer absolutely applies in Pike Road, the market is great. It’s an emerging market in the Tri-County area that is going great! I get many calls from buyers that are moving in the near future, and they say, “I only want to see homes in Pike Road. Do not show me any homes that are NOT in Pike Road city limits.” Now, the obvious reason is the Pike Road School

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I am so happy to finally have real estate be a positive drive in our economy and society as a way to drive us forward in the coming years.  There are still doubters, but in my mind, we are in the cycle.  We were in the cycle when it went down and are following the cycle going up! AND I AM READY!! 

The advantage our parents and grandparents have on us is wisdom.  Wisdom is derived from experience.  Experience is not made up of all roses.  The culmination of a wise person with wisdom to teach can surely share the blues because they have lived them.  They can share the good times as well, but the difference is, they know the good times will not last forever so they take advantage of that time WISELY!

Well folks, this leads me to real estate.  Take

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As a real estate advocate for local home buyers and national investors, I study the market across the nation to recognize trends. The trends I have noticed for some time are very promising. For over a year now, the market has been in a drastic shift from a buyers market to a sellers market. It has become a regular thing across this great country to be back to a multiple offer situation in many cases. 

However, here locally in Montgomery, AL, it's remained a bit more stagnant in regards to the prices, the multiple offers and the like. These times are beginning to CHANGE! The market is getting stronger, the foreclosure inventory has begun to shrink and the demand is starting to build. This is a great thing for the folks that have been sitting on homes

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I am not sure if you have heard the chatter, but Pike Road is being talked about as THE place to be! As a real estate agent, I hear it often. Sure, there is talk about the new school, there is talk about the outer loop, but the reality is, there is just a LOT of talk about Pike Road, Alabama!  People are moving there in droves!

The past five years has produced a lot of momentum in this small, “out of the way” sleeping community. At the helm, Mayor Gordon Stone has taken the city from a tiny little town hall in the country to a beautiful location located at 9575 Vaughn Road, just east of the Vaughn Road-Pike Road intersection.

The housing market in Pike Road has been unmatched anywhere in the area!  With the new homes going up and selling as fast as

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