April 2014

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I am so happy to finally have real estate be a positive drive in our economy and society as a way to drive us forward in the coming years.  There are still doubters, but in my mind, we are in the cycle.  We were in the cycle when it went down and are following the cycle going up! AND I AM READY!! 

The advantage our parents and grandparents have on us is wisdom.  Wisdom is derived from experience.  Experience is not made up of all roses.  The culmination of a wise person with wisdom to teach can surely share the blues because they have lived them.  They can share the good times as well, but the difference is, they know the good times will not last forever so they take advantage of that time WISELY!

Well folks, this leads me to real estate.  Take

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As a real estate advocate for local home buyers and national investors, I study the market across the nation to recognize trends. The trends I have noticed for some time are very promising. For over a year now, the market has been in a drastic shift from a buyers market to a sellers market. It has become a regular thing across this great country to be back to a multiple offer situation in many cases. 

However, here locally in Montgomery, AL, it's remained a bit more stagnant in regards to the prices, the multiple offers and the like. These times are beginning to CHANGE! The market is getting stronger, the foreclosure inventory has begun to shrink and the demand is starting to build. This is a great thing for the folks that have been sitting on homes

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There are many people who have been thinking to take a plunge in the real estate investment market, but do not know where to start from. In fact, there are also people who want to begin their venture but cease to procrastinate for innumerable reasons. However, major chunk of people are simply frightened by the idea of plunging into something which is very complex and obscure. Nevertheless, any person desiring to flourish in this industry requires putting back the hindrances and taking the initial step.

It is very essential to discover what is holding back to start the investment in real estate. Common obstacles evidenced by the novices are lack in training, as well as understanding of current trends. Hence, it is advised to start by getting

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