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I am not sure if you have heard the chatter, but Pike Road is being talked about as THE place to be! As a real estate agent, I hear it often. Sure, there is talk about the new school, there is talk about the outer loop, but the reality is, there is just a LOT of talk about Pike Road, Alabama!  People are moving there in droves!

The past five years has produced a lot of momentum in this small, “out of the way” sleeping community. At the helm, Mayor Gordon Stone has taken the city from a tiny little town hall in the country to a beautiful location located at 9575 Vaughn Road, just east of the Vaughn Road-Pike Road intersection.

The housing market in Pike Road has been unmatched anywhere in the area!  With the new homes going up and selling as fast as

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I would agree that there is a TON of cash buying happening in the market today.  In my mind, it’s a GREAT thing! On many different levels.

First, you have the investors out there not only stimulating the real estate market with purchases, but then they continue stimulating the economy by putting people to work! Immediately at closing, you have painters, roofers, electricians and plumbers lined up jumping from that property to the next.

This is all in preparation to either provide housing for individuals that have lost their house, and will not qualify, OR to be put back on the market for an FHA buyer that would NOT have been able to buy the home in the previous condition because there was way too many things wrong with it.

Now, for this first

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